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If you’re experiencing problems with the pipework and plumbing at your business premises, then you could be facing some significant challenges. This could range from a simple case of not having any hot water to bigger issues, such as flooding, that could shut down your business altogether.
Fortunately, an experienced Dyno-Rod plumber is always available to visit your business if you need them.
Our commercial drainage solutions include:

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About Dyno-Rod

Dyno-Rod has been helping businesses for over 50 years. Our trained engineers have a wealth of experience in dealing with flood prevention for companies of all types and sizes. This means that you can be confident you’re hiring someone that will get the work completed quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to your business

Commercial plumbing repairs

Plumbing issues have the potential to be disastrous for businesses. They can slow things down and can even halt or close your business entirely, creating a knock-on effect to your customers and staff.
Here at Dyno-Rod, we understand you can’t afford to let this happen, which is why we work with you to plan repairs around a time that suits you and your business. Our engineers can visit you 24/7 to help with a variety of plumbing issues, including:
  • Commercial toilet repairs
  • Commercial sink repairs
  • Commercial bathroom repairs
  • Commercial pipe repairs
  • Commercial water heater repairs
  • Commercial water tank repairs
Our commercial plumbing services are completely scalable, ranging from a one-off repair to a fully managed plumbing service – helping you with anything from a leaky tap in the office kitchen to a complete overhaul of your entire system including ongoing maintenance and support.
To hire a professional Dyno-Rod engineer today, book a free appointment with our simple online form
To find out more, please give out customer care team a call on 0333 242 2198* or if you prefer, you can explore our range of services in more detail below.

What causes damage to drains?

In most cases, the causes of drain damage are from external factors such as frozen pipes that have burst from the expansion of ice, or cracks in the pipework due to the growth of nearby tree roots. In the latter case, an accumulation of tree roots and debris can lead to blockages and flooding.

Commercial leak detection & repair

A water leak within a commercial property has the potential to cause significant financial loss. From having to pay a higher water bill, to being crippled by the cost of replacing valuable stock and equipment that’s been damaged by water.
Unfortunately, diagnosing a leak within a commercial property isn’t as simple as you might think. Leaks can go undetected within wall cavities and underneath the floor for long periods of time before any obvious signs are noticed.
This is why you need specialist help from a company such as Dyno-Rod. We use state-of-the-art leak detection equipment that harnesses the power of acoustic profi ling and thermal imaging technology, to accurately locate leaks with ease.
Once detected, our engineers will present you with the best possible options to get it repaired. Ideally, these repairs will be carried out using non-invasive methods to minimise secondary damage to your property and limit disruption. However, when excavation work is required (particularly for outdoor leaks), we’ll make sure you are fully informed about what’s needed to fix the leak.
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Commercial water supply pipe repair

Your water supply pipe is the one that runs from the external stopcock into your commercial property. The maintenance and repair of this pipe and all the internal piping within the premises, is the responsibility of the landowner – this includes ensuring that the plumbing conforms to the required standards.
If you’re having problems with your water supply pipe, book online or give Dyno-Rod a call on 0333 242 2198* . Our expert plumbing engineers can visit your premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer advice and help at a time that suits you. This includes sending out an emergency plumber if you have an out-of-control leak.
Our engineers are highly trained and experienced in dealing with commercial water supply issues. This includes investigating the source of the problem to double check if it falls within the boundary of your property, because in some cases commercial properties can share the water supply with adjacent properties.
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Commercial moling

Commercial moling is an extremely cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of installing underground pipework and cables. The exact method used is often called ‘trenchless technology’, as it involves boring precise tunnels underground between two small pits, without having to dig a trench on the surface.
This means that we can lay piping to your commercial property without disturbing the surrounding area. All that’s needed is a starting pit for the mole to be placed and a destination pit for the mole to emerge. This significantly cuts down on the time, labour and equipment costs usually required to lay piping and cables.
Using the latest moling technology and training our staff thoroughly on their operation, you can be confident you’ve chosen the right company to lay your new pipework.
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Other commercial plumbing services we can help you with

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You can never predict when an issue with your drains is going to crop up, but at least you can depend on a Dyno-Rod engineer to put things right when it does.

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