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Whatever your issue with outside plumbing, or whatever your plans, let Dyno help

Whatever your issue with outside plumbing, or whatever your plans, let Dyno help

Whether you need help with garage plumbing, your summerhouse, shed or other outbuildings, are interested in installing or fixing an existing water butt or a new sprinkler, let us use our extensive expertise and experience to help you get the right solution.

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The Benefits of Dyno Plumbing

Our Expert Plumbers
Dyno is an established national organisation but our network of plumbers are local to you. They're available for a planned job or an emergency, and are responsive to any problem or need you might have. They are trained to the high standards we set and assess nationally so you can trust the work they do will be completed to the highest possible quality.
Call Us For...
For emergencies we can be with you quickly, and are available 24/7, 365 days a year. If it's a new project you're thinking about taking on, we can provide expert technical advice and support. All the work our plumbers carry out uses the latest equipment, and to the highest quality and safety standards, meaning that you, your family and your home will all be protected.
The Latest Technology
If you're troubled by a leak, and don't know where it's coming from, we can help you. Our leak detection service uses the latest thermal, acoustic or gas trace equipment to locate water leaks in the plumbing in your home. By pinpointing where leaks are we can repair with accuracy and speed to prevent them becoming any more disruptive - potentially saving you money.
Long-Term Solutions
Our plumbers are committed to doing their jobs to the highest professional standards. That means doing things right, not simply putting in a quick fix. That's why, if you call them out for a leaky tap you'll discover we carry a range of replacements in our vans for an instant fix, order you a new one from a selection or fit one which you may have pre-ordered.

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We have teams all over the country, so you can be sure we're on hand wherever you are.

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Here's how we'll get your house feeling like home again.

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