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Dyno-Rod East Midlands engineer Travis Dalby holds recovered ring

When something falls down the toilet your heart sinks, it’s normally your mobile phone and you find yourself rushing to find a bag of rice.  But what if it was something that joined your heart to another, or even worse the engagement ring that your now husband lovingly bought for you?

On at work for around 50 years, many of them with very little job satisfaction due to feeling disengaged with a lack of team spirit, resulting in a long hard slog for all their working If someone knew how to avoid this on a permanent basis their findings would be universally acclaimed. Sadly, no one has all the answers, but what people do know is that if you make good friends at work and make that step to become more than just work colleagues, chances are your job satisfaction will improve.

Dyno Plumbing franchisee THH has won the Health and Safety Award at the National Building Awards 2019.

Top-rated companies strive for service excellence on a day-to-day basis. To receive accolades from customers gives tremendous satisfaction, giving you the belief that your efforts have been worthwhile. Achieving high levels of customer service involves the combined efforts of the entire team, and although sometimes not everyone is recognised, backroom staff build the pillars that become the foundation for a successful business.

Dyno-Rod East Midlands engineer Danny Bilby posing in front of an orange Dyno-Rod van

Dyno-Rod East Midlands came to the rescue at East Midlands Dog Rescue. The dog rescue centre who are usually associated with being the rescuers found themselves in need of rescue. Timing couldn’t have been worse; the centre was opening to the public that morning to showcase their current dogs but the kennel’s water drains were blocked, resulting in dirty water spilling over the floor.

A dog, who got stuck in a fox’s den whilst exploring the area, was rescued by DYNO engineer Jamie Gifford, who worked tirelessly to free the pet in Hackney Marshes.

Let's face it, plumbing emergencies happen. Everyone at some point in their life has experienced problems like leaky pipes, blocked up drains, or seen what happens when pipes freeze. Every home, big or small, modest or luxurious, has to deal with pipes and every resident and homeowner should be prepared to solve at least a few of the standard plumbing emergencies on their own.

Being a homeowner is a rewarding experience. However, many homeowners aren't prepared for the unexpected, and sometimes experience issues such as leaky pipes and dripping taps that create unwanted stress.

Ultimately, the best way to alleviate stress and enjoy the homeowner's experience is by being proactive and taking the time to understand important aspects of your home to be ready to deal with issues as they arise. With that in mind, we're going to explain the difference between plumbing and drainage so that you can be better prepared.