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Our history

With over 50 years of experience and more than 400k cleared drains for the last two years, we’ve seen it all and sorted it all!

How we started

Founded in 1963

Dyno-Rod® was founded in 1963 by Jim Zockoll, a former airline pilot. He pioneered the use of a new electro mechanical technique in the UK and used this to help unblock drains. That was just the start of our journey to tackling home emergencies, all over the country.

Dyno Ford Anglia Van 1963

Market leaders

Before long, Dyno-Rod became one of the market leaders. Today, we’re proud to say we still are. When someone has a problem with their drains, Dyno-Rod is usually the first name that comes to mind. And for good reason. We operate as a franchise business offering full national coverage from highly trained local engineers, all proud to sign up to our values and high standards.

Expanding our offering

During the 1990s we expanded even further. This time into more general plumbing services. We quickly built up a UK-wide engineer force which is now one of the biggest in the country. Today we do drains and plumbing. So, we can save customers from more home emergencies than ever before.

Size & scale – supporting the UK's main businesses

Dyno-Rod have developed tailored support services for large commercial organisations.
In fact, our dedicated Business Key Accounts team is currently looking after circa 200 national accounts.

Part of British Gas and Scottish Gas

Our business became part of the Centrica group in 2004, and is now part of British Gas and Scottish Gas. With the backing of one of the UK's most influential companies we are confident that we can continue growing, while also supporting our local communities and businesses.
British Gas Logo

Our future

Although we are proud of our past, we’re always working hard to improve our products and services. We’ll continue to remain at the forefront of our chosen markets – plumbing, heating and drains. And whatever the future brings, we’ll make sure you can depend on Dyno.

Local experts with 24-hour emergency response across the UK

Our visions and values

Dyno-Rod and the environment

Our environmental standards