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Dyno Plumbing is proud to offer a team of local experts throughout the UK and Ireland, working around the clock to provide a 24 hour plumbing service every day of the year. With franchises all around the country, including Stafford and the surrounding areas, you're never more than a phone call away from an expertly trained, reliable Dyno plumber when you need one. Providing a good value service is important to Dyno Plumbing, so you'll never pay over the odds for any work carried out for you, at home or on your business premises. A clear fixed pricing structure, plus no call out fees and free, no obligation quotes, make for a great value service you can depend on.

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    1. Brewaad
    2. Congleton
    3. Crewe
    4. Eccleshaw
    5. Nantwich
    6. Newcastle-under-Lyme
    7. Pankridge
    8. Rugely
    9. Sandbach
    10. Stafford
    11. Stoke
    12. Stone
    13. Uttoxeter
    14. Wheaton Aston
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    18. DE23
    19. DE24
    20. DE56
    21. DE65
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    24. DE74
    25. DE75
    26. DE99
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    65. WS15

Community Ties

From an annual trip to the circus for local children to supporting a hospice in the local area, the Dyno Plumbing Stafford team have a strong community focus and do a lot to foster relationships with local people and charities in the area. The expert team at Dyno Plumbing Stafford are available around the clock to ensure they are on hand to help any time they’re needed, even in out of hours emergencies. Able to offer a range of plumbing services including acoustic and thermal leak detection, vented and unvented cylinders, emergency repairs, domestic cold water repairs, burst pipes and bathroom installation; there really is no job this highly trained team of plumbers can't tackle. Have a constantly dripping tap? Can't work out where that leak is coming from? Contact Dyno Plumbing Stafford to resolve the problem fast.