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Need a plumber in Manchester or the surrounding areas? Call Dyno Plumbing for a fast response any time that you need it. You'll find a team of Dyno Plumbing experts based near you, offering 24/7 call outs, 365 days a year. And with free no obligation quotes and no call out fees, you can count on Dyno to keep stress and expense to a minimum. Dyno Plumbing offer great value, high quality service guaranteed. Your Local Teams of Experts With teams of local experts covering a wide area in and around Manchester, you can be assured you will find a Dyno plumber in Manchester when you need one.

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    1. Glosop
    2. Greater Manchester
    3. Macclesfield
    4. Manchester City Centre
    5. Northwich
    6. Oldham
    7. Salford
    8. Stockport
    9. Tameside
    10. Trafford
    11. Wilmslow
    12. Winsford
    1. CW10
    2. CW4
    3. CW6
    4. CW7
    5. CW8
    6. CW9
    7. DE4
    8. DE45
    9. DE5
    10. DE55
    11. M1
    12. M10
    13. M11
    14. M12
    15. M13
    16. M14
    17. M15
    18. M16
    19. M17
    20. M18
    21. M19
    22. M2
    23. M20
    24. M21
    25. M22
    26. M23
    27. M25
    28. M3
    29. M30
    30. M31
    31. M32
    32. M33
    33. M34
    34. M35
    35. M4
    36. M40
    37. M41
    38. M43
    39. M44
    40. M45
    41. M5
    42. M50
    43. M6
    44. M60
    45. M7
    46. M8
    47. M9
    48. M90
    49. M99
    50. OL1
    51. OL3
    52. OL4
    53. OL5
    54. OL6
    55. OL7
    56. OL8
    57. OL9
    58. SK1
    59. SK10
    60. SK11
    61. SK12
    62. SK13
    63. SK14
    64. SK15
    65. SK16
    66. SK17
    67. SK2
    68. SK22
    69. SK23
    70. SK3
    71. SK4
    72. SK5
    73. SK6
    74. SK7
    75. SK8
    76. SK9
    77. ST19
    78. WA13
    79. WA14
    80. WA15
    81. WA16

A Pioneering Team

One of the original pioneering Dyno Plumbing branches, the Manchester team has been serving the area since 1966. With a large network of trusted plumbing and drainage engineers specialising in both commercial and domestic plumbing and drainage services, there is no job that can't be tackled by these local Dyno experts. One of the longest serving Dyno engineers in the country works for the Manchester team and it is expertise like this that companies such as Bentley and McVities rely on when they need plumbing assistance. Coming to the aid of thousands of people and animals over the years, it’s not unusual for Dyno Plumbers in this part of the world to be called out to rescue car keys or wedding rings when they’ve been lost down pipes or drains. The team have even rescued meerkats from the local zoo after a cheeky escape! Do you have a plumbing emergency or perhaps you need regular maintenance at your commercial premises? Whatever your plumbing requirements you can contact Dyno Plumbing in Manchester around the clock for a fast and professional service.