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We offer a genuine 24 hour service, 365 days a year to the South West region, including Southampton, Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Plymouth and Exeter. Our local plumbers are always available to offer expert advice and assistance – no matter how big or small the job. At DYNO Plumbing South West we always put the needs of our customers first.

Tap repair and installation

Our expert, local plumbers are available 24/7 and carry a huge range of stock in their vans, including taps, so any repairs or installations can usually be done straight away.

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Prices from 90

Cylinder repairs

Our professional plumbers install, repair, maintain and service all hot water cylinders, and are here to help solve any issues you may have.

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Prices from 90

Water supply pipes

Our expert plumbers have the skills and expertise to carry out a wide variety of water supply repairs and can use our moling equipment (trenchless technology) to install new mains.

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Prices from 112.50

Leaking pipe repairs

Leaking pipes? Leave it to us. Our expert plumbers work round the clock and use hi-tech leak detection techniques to quickly detect and fix any leaks you may be experiencing.

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Prices from 90

Emergency plumber

Our fully trained and equipped plumbers can come to the rescue for any kind of plumbing emergency, 24/7. Leaking pipes? Poor pressure or flow? Kitchen chaos? Our plumbers can fix it.

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Prices from 90

Internal leak detection

Leaks underneath concrete floors and behind walls can be difficult to find. Our plumbers carry all the necessary equipment to quickly locate and repair any leak.

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Prices from 240

Cold water tanks

Looking to install a new cold water tank? Our expert and fully trained engineers are available 24 hours and will repair, maintain, clean or install your tank.

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Unvented repairs

Our expert plumbers are fully qualified to carry out all types of vented and unvented repairs.

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Customer testimonials

Our customers are the most important part of our business – which is why we’re so pleased at the many positive comments they have about our work…

  • Friendly and Professional.
    “The DYNO plumber was a really nice guy, spot on with what he was completing onsite and felt at ease with him in the home”
    Jennifer, Fordingbridge
  • Super efficient!
    “Great efficient service and thoroughly pleased!”
    Ian, Bournemouth
  • All round great service!
    “DYNO worked extremely hard and were very clean and tidy. Taps have never been so shiny, very nice and pleasant gentleman to talk to”
    Brian, Lymington

About us

Darren Cameron started the business in October 2004 – with just him in a plumbing van on his own!

Initially he covered the Southampton and Portsmouth areas, but within 18 months he had doubled the workload and hired another engineer. From 2005 to 2011 the work continued to flow in – a true testament to his dedication to a high quality service for all his customers.

Over the years the business has continued to expand, taking on water supply work, a huge plumbing territory stretching as far as Penzance, and a DYNO drainage business also based in the South West.

Today, our professional team consist of 64 staff members.

The success of the company has been focused on offering a professional service at all levels of operation, together with providing a genuine 24/7/365 service across Southampton, Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Plymouth and Exeter.

The customer is truly at the heart of everything we do. We continually invest in our people to ensure that we are focused on delivering the best possible service to all of our customers.

We strongly believe in the continued investment in training, health and safety and the latest equipment and techniques.

We have won multiple awards along this journey, including DYNO’s Franchise of the Year award three times in a row.


Quayside House, Unit 42, South Hants Business Park, Totton, SO40 3SA


02380 985251


Like to join our team? Contact us to ask about job vacancies.

Meet the team

Our team are talented and committed people who love helping the people of South West England, with all their plumbing problems – here are just some of them…

Ellie Ruby Mae Diaper

Validations Co-ordinator/Complaints Handler


Experience:  Ellie joined the DYNO team in August 2014. Prior to this she worked for Primark and HSBC Life & Pensions. She currently operates as our Validations Co-ordinator/Complaints Handler.

Best thing about working for DYNO Plumbing South West: I love the brilliant staff that I work with and the amazing rapport with the management team. I genuinely enjoy my job and always leave with a smile on my face.

Favourite work story: On my first day I tripped down the stairs in front of the health and safety manager… 

Best thing about South West England: The location is near my home, which means I only have a 10-15 minute commute into work. 

Samuel Downey

Dispatch Co-ordinator


Experience:  Samuel has a wealth of experience in IT support and admin. He is a a key asset to the team and helps operations run smoothly. 

Best thing about working for DYNO Plumbing South West: The engineers and office staff are like my second family. Everyone is a pleasure to work with and you feel like an important member of the DYNO family.

Favourite work story: DYNO Sports Day! We came to work dressed in gym clothes, and took part in an egg-and-spoon race, three-legged race and wheelbarrow race with sweatbands on. Great fun.

Best thing about South West England: We’re situated in an estate with a beautiful lake, and there’s also a pub within a five-minute walk. What more could you ask for?

Roy Walton

Planning Manager


Experience:  Roy has many years of experience within the industry and has been a part of the DYNO team for over eight years. Prior to this, he worked as an operations manager at City Link Couriers.

Best thing about working for DYNO Plumbing South West: No two days are the same and it always gives me great pleasure in helping customers in need. Having a dedicated and professional team to work with makes my job enjoyable. 

Favourite work story: We once sent one of our plumbers to work on DIY SOS with Nick Knowles and his team. It was great seeing a member of our team on the TV!

Best thing about South West England: The South West coast of England is a great place to live, with stunning countryside mixed with vibrant major cities.

Liam Rowe

Water Supply Pipe & Drainage Operations Supervisor


Experience:  Liam joined DYNO in 2013, operating as a drainage engineer before transferring to the water supply pipe team. In 2016 he became an ops supervisor and has a great deal of experience in water supply pipe works, leak detection and repairs, drainage repairs and unblocks.  

Best thing about working for DYNO Plumbing South West: The people. I love the fact that DYNO puts the customers and health and safety first. DYNO likes to look from the outside in, rather than the inside out!

Favourite work story: When I first did a CCTV camera survey, there had been an archaeological dig the week before - where human remains such as a hand and other bones, had been found. We were very nervous about what we would find! 

Best thing about South West England: I like the fact that we are building our reputation in local communities. It’s nice to think that DYNO is well thought of in the areas we serve each day.

Andy Cruickshank

WSP Engineer


Experience:  Andy joined DYNO in 2012 and trained to become a fully qualified plumber. He is currently working on the water supply team as a lead engineer.

Best thing about working for DYNO Plumbing South West: I have a lovely line manager and friendly colleagues – there’s a great atmosphere.

Favourite work story: A colleague and I cut in to a pipe that we didn’t know was blocked and my colleague got covered with water! Glad it wasn’t me that got covered!

Best thing about South West England: I have got to visit many different parts of the country that I hadn’t been to before. Like Fowey in Cornwall – I really liked it there.

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Area covered

DYNO Plumbing South West offers a 24 hour plumbing service to the whole of Southampton, Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Plymouth, Exeter and beyond.

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  1. Alton
  2. Andover
  3. Axminster
  4. Barnstaple
  5. Bideford
  6. Blandford Forum
  7. Bognor
  8. Bournemouth
  9. Bridgewater
  10. Bridport
  11. Camborne
  12. Chard
  13. Chichester
  14. Dorchester
  15. Exeter
  16. Exmouth
  17. Gosport
  18. Havant
  19. Honiton
  20. Ilfracombe
  21. Ivybridge
  22. Lyme Regis
  23. New Forest
  24. Newquay
  25. Newton Abbot
  26. Okehampton
  27. Penzance
  28. Petersfield
  29. Plymouth
  30. Poole
  31. Portsmouth
  32. Salisbury
  33. Somerton
  34. Southampton
  35. St Ives
  36. Taunton
  37. Tavistock
  38. Torquay
  39. Truro
  40. Waterlooville
  41. Wells
  42. Weston-Super-Mare
  43. Weymouth
  44. Winchester
  45. Yeovil


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  2. BA6
  3. BA8
  4. BA9
  5. BA16
  6. BA18
  7. BA20
  8. BA21
  9. BA22
  10. BH1
  11. BH2
  12. BH3
  13. BH4
  14. BH5
  15. BH6
  16. BH7
  17. BH8
  18. BH9
  19. BH10
  20. BH11
  21. BH12
  22. BH13
  23. BH14
  24. BH15
  25. BH16
  26. BH17
  27. BH18
  28. BH19
  29. BH20
  30. BH21
  31. BH22
  32. BH23
  33. BH24
  34. BH25
  35. BH31
  36. BS22
  37. BS23
  38. BS24
  39. BS25
  40. BS26
  41. BS27
  42. BS28
  43. BS29
  44. DT1
  45. DT2
  46. DT3
  47. DT4
  48. DT5
  49. DT6
  50. DT7
  51. DT8
  52. DT9
  53. DT10
  54. DT11
  55. EX1
  56. EX2
  57. EX3
  58. EX4
  59. EX5
  60. EX6
  61. EX7
  62. EX8
  63. EX9
  64. EX10
  65. EX11
  66. EX12
  67. EX13
  68. EX14
  69. EX15
  70. EX16
  71. EX17
  72. EX18
  73. EX19
  74. EX20
  75. EX21
  76. EX22
  77. EX23
  78. EX24
  79. EX25
  80. EX26
  81. EX27
  82. EX28
  83. EX29
  84. EX30
  85. EX31
  86. EX32
  87. EX33
  88. EX34
  89. EX35
  90. EX36
  91. EX37
  92. EX38
  93. EX39
  94. GU26
  95. GU29
  96. GU30
  97. GU31
  98. GU32
  99. GU33
  100. GU34
  101. GU35
  102. PL1
  103. PL2
  104. PL3
  105. PL4
  106. PL5
  107. PL6
  108. PL7
  109. PL8
  110. PL9
  111. PL10
  112. PL11
  113. PL12
  114. PL13
  115. PL14
  116. PL15
  117. PL16
  118. PL17
  119. PL18
  120. PL19
  121. PL20
  122. PL21
  123. PL22
  124. PL23
  125. PL24
  126. PL25
  127. PL26
  128. PL27
  129. PL28
  130. PL29
  131. PL30
  132. PL31
  133. PL32
  134. PL33
  135. PL34
  136. PL35
  137. PO1
  138. PO2
  139. PO3
  140. PO4
  141. PO5
  142. PO6
  143. PO7
  144. PO8
  145. PO9
  146. PO10
  147. PO11
  148. PO12
  149. PO13
  150. PO14
  151. PO15
  152. PO16
  153. PO17
  154. PO18
  155. PO19
  156. PO20
  157. PO21
  158. PO22
  159. PO30
  160. PO31
  161. PO32
  162. PO33
  163. PO34
  164. PO35
  165. PO36
  166. PO37
  167. PO38
  168. PO39
  169. PO40
  170. PO41
  171. SO14
  172. SO15
  173. SO16
  174. SO17
  175. SO18
  176. SO19
  177. SO20
  178. SO21
  179. SO22
  180. SO23
  181. SO24
  182. SO30
  183. SO31
  184. SO32
  185. SO40
  186. SO41
  187. SO42
  188. SO43
  189. SO45
  190. SO50
  191. SO51
  192. SO52
  193. SO53
  194. SP1
  195. SP2
  196. SP3
  197. SP4
  198. SP5
  199. SP6
  200. SP7
  201. SP8
  202. SP9
  203. SP10
  204. SP11
  205. TA1
  206. TA2
  207. TA3
  208. TA4
  209. TA5
  210. TA6
  211. TA7
  212. TA8
  213. TA9
  214. TA10
  215. TA11
  216. TA12
  217. TA13
  218. TA14
  219. TA15
  220. TA16
  221. TA17
  222. TA18
  223. TA19
  224. TA20
  225. TA21
  226. TA22
  227. TA23
  228. TA24
  229. TQ1
  230. TQ2
  231. TQ3
  232. TQ4
  233. TQ5
  234. TQ6
  235. TQ7
  236. TQ8
  237. TQ9
  238. TQ10
  239. TQ11
  240. TQ12
  241. TQ13
  242. TQ14
  243. TR1
  244. TR2
  245. TR3
  246. TR4
  247. TR5
  248. TR6
  249. TR7
  250. TR8
  251. TR9
  252. TR10
  253. TR11
  254. TR12
  255. TR13
  256. TR14
  257. TR15
  258. TR16
  259. TR17
  260. TR18
  261. TR19
  262. TR20
  263. TR21
  264. TR22
  265. TR23
  266. TR24
  267. TR25
  268. TR26
  269. TR27

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