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We offer a genuine 24 hour service, 365 days a year to the people of Croydon, Brighton, Guildford, Kingston, Reigate and beyond. Covering Surrey, Sussex and South West London, our expert plumbers are trained to a minimum of NVQ Level 2 and have the experience to sort your problem, quickly and efficiently. We always put the needs of our customers first to provide rapid response and emergency plumbing services all year round.

Emergency plumbing

Our highly trained engineers can come to the rescue for any plumbing emergency, 24/7. Leaking pipes? Poor pressure or flow? Kitchen chaos? Our plumbers will find the best fix for you.

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Prices from 99

Tap installation and repair

Our skilled, local plumbing engineers are on hand 24/7 and carry a huge range of stock in their vans, including taps, so they can usually be replaced straight away.

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Prices from 99

Water supply pipe repairs and replacements

We have two specialist teams carrying out water supply pipe repairs and replacements all year round. We can carry out localised repairs and use our moling equipment (trenchless technology) to install a new water main.

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Prices from 250

Leak detection

Having trouble detecting a leak? Leave it to us. Our expert plumbing engineers are on hand 24/7 and use hi-tech leak detection techniques.

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Prices from 360

Cold water storage installs

Looking to install a new cold water storage tank? Our expert plumbing engineers are available 24 hours and will help you repair, maintain, clean or install your cold water storage tank.

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Prices from 540

Cylinder installs

Our expert plumbers install, repair, maintain and service all cylinders, and are here to help solve any issues you may have.

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Prices from 800

Bathroom fitters

Our dedicated team of plumbing engineers are available 24 hours a day and provide expert bathroom fitting services.

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Prices from 3000

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Customer testimonials

Our customers are the most important part of our business – which is why we’re so pleased at the many positive comments they have about our work…

  • Courteous and tidy!
    “DYNO did everything possible to sort out my mains water pipe, despite difficulties at every turn. They were also courteous and tidy - brilliant!”
    Mr Vaughan, Hastings
  • You saved our Christmas!
    “I cannot praise the DYNO plumber highly enough – he was intelligent, informed, polite, resourceful, reassuring, competent and hard working. Thank you, thank you, thank you – you saved our Christmas!”
    Mrs McCoy, Sunbury
  • Friendly and efficient!
    “I found the service friendly and efficient. The DYNO engineer was very thorough and made sure the works were carried out carefully and correctly.”
    Ms Hinder, Ashford
  • First class service!
    “Thanks for first class service. The engineer was on top of his job – polite, on time, a pleasure to have in our home, and provided his own shoe coverings. Great service.”
    Mr Lewis, Crawley

About us

We are a family run, local business that has managed DYNO Plumbing operations in Surrey, Sussex, parts of Middlesex and South West London, since 2005.

As a specialist emergency plumbing team we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With over 45 fully trained and qualified plumbers, we undertake all aspects of plumbing – from fixing leaking taps to complete installation of bathrooms and water supply pipes using moling equipment.

Our expert engineers are home-based and operate within their local area. Meaning not only can you have confidence in our brand and size, but also know that the attending engineer is local to you.

Each engineer is CRB cleared and qualified to a minimum of NVQ Level 2 standard. Plus, we constantly hold internal training courses and put our team through external training sessions to ensure they continue to have the confidence and skill to excel in their role.

We believe the only business worth growing is a sustainable business - therefore at the heart of everything we do are three key principles – safety, honesty and integrity. 

No matter the size of the job, you can trust us to put the safety of your home and your family first.

Opening times

24/7, 365


Wellington House, 17 Birkheads Road, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 0AU


01737 887417

john.ray@metserveltd.com/ eliott.ray@metserveltd.com

Like to join our team? Contact us to ask about job vacancies.

The team

Our team members are friendly and knowledgeable. They are talented and committed people who love helping the people of Surrey, Sussex, Middlesex and South West London with all their plumbing problems. Just take a look…

John Ray




John has been in the industry for a lifetime. He has been involved with British Gas and DYNO, either directly employed, contracting or franchising for more than 50 years.

Best thing about working for DYNO Plumbing Surrey and Sussex:

I love working for DYNO because the people within the company are amazing. You really get that family feeling.

Favourite work story: 

In 2012 we encountered a harsh winter. Our engineers left their vans and walked extended distances to reach customers and even collected essential foodstuffs for vulnerable customers.

Best thing about Surrey and Sussex: 

We operate in a most diverse region. From the urban London boroughs to the rural counties in the South. We meet every type of challenge.

Eliott Ray

General Manager



John’s son, Eliott joined in 2012 as Development Manager and immediately set about growing the business and enhancing our customer service delivery.

Best thing about working for DYNO Plumbing Surrey and Sussex:

Our team – coming to work every day is a joy when you work with such a dedicated and customer driven team.

Favourite work story: 

In 2017 an engineer gave first aid to a teenager suffering an epileptic fit. Every day we help with plumbing issues, but this was something different and something we are all proud of.

Best thing about Surrey and Sussex:

From London’s lights to the picturesque Surrey Downs, we operate in such a large and varied area. I love that we help over 5,000 customers a month.

Aaron Ridler

Technical Assurance Manager



Aaron is a qualified plumbing and heating engineer with 16+ years experience. He joined us six years ago and has worked his way up to management.

Best thing about working for DYNO Plumbing Surrey and Sussex:

As an engineer it was meeting customers and solving plumbing problems. As a manager it’s improving engineer skills through training and coaching.

Favourite work story: 

No matter how long you’re in the industry for, there’s always a job that will surprise you.

Best thing about Surrey and Sussex: 

I love the area we work in as, having grown up here, I have a very good understanding of our customers and their expectations.

Will Melliard

Business Manager



Will has spent the majority of his time working within the automotive industry including over 14 years’ experience at management level, focusing on customer care and business productivity.

Best thing about working for DYNO Plumbing Surrey and Sussex: 

DYNO is a fast paced environment with no day ever the same, which is an environment that I thrive in. It's also great to be involved in an industry that makes a difference to so many customers.

Favourite work story: 

A husband-to-be dropped his engagement ring down the plug hole and called us. Without alerting his girlfriend, we managed to retrieve the ring enabling a successful proposal.

Best thing about Surrey and Sussex:

Our area is great because it’s so diverse. We come across every type of challenge and enjoy ensuring that every customer gets the highest level of service possible.

Allison Porter

Administration Manager



Alli has worked here over 10 years. Prior to that she ran her own taxi company in Scotland.

Best thing about working for DYNO Plumbing Surrey and Sussex:

Teamwork. We have a fabulous team of skilled and experienced office staff and field engineers who endeavour to provide solutions for our customers’ plumbing and water supply pipe issues.

Favourite work story: 

We saved Christmas 2015 for a restaurant full of people with a flooded building. We managed to pump out all of the water and stop the leak. All on Christmas Eve!

Best thing about Surrey and Sussex:

Our customers. Each and every day we work on different issues, helping many different people. The variety keeps us on our toes!

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Area covered

We operate a 24 hour plumbing service to Surrey, Sussex, Croydon, Brighton, Guildford, Kingston, Reigate, parts of Middlesex and South West London.

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  1. Aldershot
  2. Arundel
  3. Banstead
  4. Battle
  5. Bexhill
  6. Brighton
  7. Caterham
  8. Chertsey
  9. Chessington
  10. Chobham
  11. Coulsdon
  12. Cranleigh
  13. Crawley
  14. Crowborough
  15. Dorking
  16. East Grinstead
  17. Eastbourne
  18. Effingham Junction
  19. Epsom
  20. Esher
  21. Ewell
  22. Farnham
  23. Feltham
  24. Godalming
  25. Guildford
  26. Haslemere
  27. Hastings
  28. Haywards Heath
  29. Heathfield
  30. Horley
  31. Horsham
  32. Hounslow
  33. Keymer
  34. Kingston-Upon-Thames
  35. Leatherhead
  36. Lewes
  37. Littlehampton
  38. Malden
  39. Mitcham
  40. Morden
  41. Newhaven
  42. Oxshott
  43. Pirbright
  44. Polegate
  45. Pulborough
  46. Purley
  47. Redhill
  48. Reigate
  49. Richmond
  50. Ripley
  51. Rye
  52. Send
  53. Shepperton
  54. Shoreham-by-Sea
  55. Staines
  56. Stanwell
  57. Sunbury-on-Thames
  58. Sutton
  59. Tadworth
  60. Thornton Heath
  61. Tonbridge
  62. Twickenham
  63. Uckfield
  64. Wadhurst
  65. Warlingham
  66. Weybridge
  67. Wimbledon
  68. Woking
  69. Worthing


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  12. BN13
  13. BN14
  14. BN15
  15. BN16
  16. BN17
  17. BN18
  18. BN20
  19. BN21
  20. BN22
  21. BN23
  22. BN24
  23. BN25
  24. BN26
  25. BN27
  26. BN41
  27. BN42
  28. BN43
  29. BN44
  30. BN45
  31. BN99
  32. CR0
  33. CR1
  34. CR2
  35. CR3
  36. CR4
  37. CR5
  38. CR6
  39. CR7
  40. CR8
  41. CR9
  42. GU1
  43. GU2
  44. GU3
  45. GU4
  46. GU5
  47. GU6
  48. GU7
  49. GU8
  50. GU9
  51. GU10
  52. GU11
  53. GU12
  54. GU21
  55. GU22
  56. GU23
  57. GU24
  58. GU27
  59. GU28
  60. KT1
  61. KT2
  62. KT3
  63. KT4
  64. KT5
  65. KT6
  66. KT7
  67. KT8
  68. KT9
  69. KT10
  70. KT11
  71. KT12
  72. KT13
  73. KT14
  74. KT15
  75. KT16
  76. KT17
  77. KT18
  78. KT19
  79. KT20
  80. KT21
  81. KT22
  82. KT23
  83. KT24
  84. RH1
  85. RH2
  86. RH3
  87. RH4
  88. RH5
  89. RH6
  90. RH7
  91. RH8
  92. RH9
  93. RH10
  94. RH11
  95. RH12
  96. RH13
  97. RH14
  98. RH15
  99. RH16
  100. RH17
  101. RH18
  102. RH19
  103. RH20
  104. SM1
  105. SM2
  106. SM3
  107. SM4
  108. SM5
  109. SM6
  110. SM7
  111. SW2
  112. SW12
  113. SW16
  114. SW17
  115. SW18
  116. SW19
  117. SW20
  118. SW99
  119. TN5
  120. TN6
  121. TN7
  122. TN18
  123. TN19
  124. TN20
  125. TN21
  126. TN22
  127. TN31
  128. TN32
  129. TN33
  130. TN34
  131. TN35
  132. TN36
  133. TN37
  134. TN38
  135. TN39
  136. TN40
  137. TW1
  138. TW2
  139. TW3
  140. TW4
  141. TW5
  142. TW9
  143. TW10
  144. TW11
  145. TW12
  146. TW13
  147. TW14
  148. TW15
  149. TW16
  150. TW17
  151. TW18
  152. TW19
  153. TW20

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