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Top 8 plumbing tools no home should be without

Let's face it, plumbing emergencies happen. Everyone at some point in their life has experienced problems like leaky pipes, blocked up drains, or seen what happens when pipes freeze. Every home, big or small, modest or luxurious, has to deal with pipes and every resident and homeowner should be prepared to solve at least a few of the standard plumbing emergencies on their own.

You probably have enough knowledge or the ability to learn how to retrieve a lost ring from an s-trap, tighten a gasket to stop a leak, or clear a stubborn drain so that showers and cooking can resume. Of course, to do that, you'll need the right tools for the job. It helps to simply put yourself together a plumbing toolbox with everything you'll need for basic DIY plumbing repairs.

1) Nail Brush

A nail brush is one of the most useful small maintenance tools you can carry. The tiny stiff- bristled brush can clear away rust and built-up grime in even the smallest of spaces and grooves, which can help you see what you're working with and gain access to areas that have built up a combination of moisture, dirt, water lime scale, and corrosion.

2) Adjustable Spanners and Pipe Grips

Always keep a set of pipe grips handy. If you don't have a full plumbing set of pipe grips, there are several types and sizes that you'll want to look into. Make sure you have at least one set of pipe grips so that you can loosen and tighten pipes as needed. You may also want a basin spanner or a flatter adjustable spanner as well. Some people also recommend a pair of locking pliers grips.

3) Plumber's Tape or PTFE Tape

Also known as thread seal tape or PTFE tape, plumber's tape essentially makes sure that two pipe fixtures screw together not just tightly, but with a perfect waterproof seal. This ensures that no water gets out through imperfections in the pipe threading and can also help work with pipes that have very worn thread. If you find yourself attaching pipes, you'll need this tape.

4) Needle-Nose Pliers

Needle-nose pliers are one of the most useful tool designs ever invented. The tiny little tips and strong grip make it possible to grab and manipulate very small pieces, sometimes up inside something else. They're also pretty useful at grabbing something that has fallen halfway down a drain. Be sure to get a pair with strong gripping grooves on the inside of the tips for best results.

5) Pipe Insulation

Have you ever seen a frozen pipe burst or what happens in the aftermath? The effect is really beautiful, in its icy form, but catastrophic for your plumbing and anything nearby that gets hit by the spray of half-frozen water. Pipe insulation and/or heat tape is the right way to make sure pipes in cold climates can't and don't freeze. The best part? It also helps keep your hot water hot on the way out from the boiler.

6) Work Gloves

While some plumbing tasks can be achieved with your barehands, many will require a great deal of gripping and twisting which can do serious damage to your skin. Keep yourself safe with a pair of sturdy work gloves. Be sure there is soft padding on the inside, the rough seams of cheap gloves can and will rip up your hands almost as badly as working bare-handed.

7) Snake or Hand Auger

When the blocked drain is really bad and you're worried about ever using your sink, toilet, or shower ever again, sometimes a snake or hand auger is the answer. This essentially pushes a wire down the drain to break up and push through wherever the blockage has lodged itself.

8) Your Plumber’s Number

There comes a time when DIY solutions simply aren't cutting it. When this happens and you’re ready to throw up your safely gloved hands, it may be time to call a professional. Dyno's skilled engineers are available 24/7 and are local to you, with the reassurance of a trusted nationwide brand. They will help you out with any plumbing and draining emergencies so be sure to have their number to hand for those moments when the problem is greater than DIY can handle.

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