Dyno plumbing news

Dyno Plumbing franchisee THH has won the Health and Safety Award at the National Building Awards 2019.

Top-rated companies strive for service excellence on a day-to-day basis. To receive accolades from customers gives tremendous satisfaction, giving you the belief that your efforts have been worthwhile. Achieving high levels of customer service involves the combined efforts of the entire team, and although sometimes not everyone is recognised, backroom staff build the pillars that become the foundation for a successful business.

Let's face it, plumbing emergencies happen. Everyone at some point in their life has experienced problems like leaky pipes, blocked up drains, or seen what happens when pipes freeze. Every home, big or small, modest or luxurious, has to deal with pipes and every resident and homeowner should be prepared to solve at least a few of the standard plumbing emergencies on their own.

You probably already know that plumbers use a lot of tools on a daily basis. You probably even own a few of these tools yourself, but how well do you know plumbing tools in general? Take a few minutes to see how many of the following five plumbing tools you can name and describe what they are used for.

Pipe Grips

From time to time, all of us end up having problems with our bathroom plumbing. Whether you’ve got a blocked toilet, blocked waste pipe, or leaking taps, having some basic knowledge on how to cope can be a big help.