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Dyno CCTV Drain Survey Camera

We know how frustrating it can be to lose something.  We've rescued toys from toilets, wedding rings from water ducts – and even a shot put from a school drain.  But what happens when you lose a loved one down the loo?

When the RSPCA and the fire brigade couldn't free these clumsy creatures, their worried owners called Dyno-Rod drain specialists in to help.  Our infographic takes you through three bizarre stories: from a flushed puppy to a hide-and-seek hamster.

The Rescue Rig

In our day-to-day call-outs, we're used to getting to the root of the problem or blocked drain without disturbing the systems we're inspecting.  But when the safety of a delicate pet is at stake, our engineers need to be able to see exactly what's happening without causing any damage or harm – and these fragile animals have an unfortunate knack for working themselves into tight spaces.
That's where our See-snake cameras come in.  By passing a CCTV camera through the drainage systems, our heroic engineers were able to locate the pets in peril, and figure out the best way to get them out.  In one case, they were even able to use the camera as a make-shift life-ring to help pull a kitten to safety!

The Drain Survey Camera which engineers use to capture images through hard to reach pipes.
Follow the Stories with our Interactive Infographic.
We've got three tales of exploration and near-tragedy – and three expert Dyno engineers to tell them.  You can select an engineer and be taken through their unique story, finding out exactly how they saved each pet.  You can also watch a video of a pet and their owner being reunited.
And if you want to test yourself, try out our interactive drain survey camera – can you use the CCTV equipment to find the lost puppy, just like our engineer did?

To find out how these three life-savers pulled off their amazing rescue missions, check out the Dyno Strange Drains infographic.