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Plumbing fiasco? Our guides can help you recover

Don’t let that water mark on the wall spoil your day, if you’ve had some bad luck with your plumbing we can help you get your home back on its feet.


We’ve teamed up with eight bloggers to bring you a series of guides that can help you recover after a plumbing catastrophe. Here's a quick run-down of what we've covered:


Remove rust; eliminating stains after plumbing work


Rust isn't just an ugly blemish – the corrosion can do serious damage to your pipes and radiators. Find out which products can help, and then follow our step-by-step guide to removing rust and protecting your plumbing.


Banish damp and water marks after a leak


Fixing a leak is only half the battle. We'll show you how to clean water stains, how to stop them from reappearing, and how to deal with the dreaded black mould.


Never worry about guttering again


Don't let an overflowing gutter clog up your drains. We take you through the basics of safely and efficiently clearing them out – the equipment you need, and the steps you need to take.


How to approach your DIY plumbing like a pro


If you're keen to get stuck in, make sure you're ready. Learn about some of the most common rookie mistakes, and then make sure you avoid them.


A guide to flooding and water damage


When disaster strikes, it pays to know exactly how to react. Stay safe, minimise damage and speed up the drying process with our guide to home flooding.


No hot water? How to avoid a cold shower with a broken boiler


If your boiler's on the blink, you'll need to be resourceful. Try a few quick fixes for your boiler, and then find out how you can still take a bath or shower without it.


Boxing in pipes: How to recover from ugly plumbing


Function is essential. But form is important, too. Follow our step-by-step guide to building a solid and attractive cover to hide your hideous pipes.


Avoiding water damage to your bathroom tiles and shower


If your bathroom's not watertight, you might not always see the damage happening. We'll show you how to test, check and safeguard your bathroom – from the shower and the bath to the walls and the toilet.


There's plenty of good advice in these guides. But that doesn't mean you'll always feel comfortable tackling problems alone. If you're unsure, or you need some advice, don't be afraid to call one of our engineers in to come and take a look.