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Lord of the Rings

When something falls down the toilet your heart sinks, it’s normally your mobile phone and you find yourself rushing to find a bag of rice.  But what if it was something that joined your heart to another, or even worse the engagement ring that your now husband lovingly bought for you?

Helen Devey was carrying out some cleaning in her house and, to avoid any potential damage, she put her engagement ring on one of the shelves of the toilet. However, things didn’t go as expected for her that day, and when the cleaning was completed and she glanced towards the shelf to pick up her beloved property, the ring had gone.

Inspection of the surrounding area confirmed that the only logical place for the ring to have fallen was down the toilet. The ring wasn’t visible and another flush would surely send it down into the depths of the sewers never to be seen again. 

Helen, now panicked by the disappearance of the ring, needed help and thought the best person to solve the situation was her husband Chris. He would fix this, no problem.

Chris listened to Helen’s story with horror and inspected the situation, he wasn’t going to be the one to lose the ring forever. He would never live that one down. Time to call in professional plumbers.

Chris had used Dyno-Rod East Midlands once before to unblock a drain and immediately booked an engineer online to arrive the same day. The problem was explained so Dyno-Rod hero Travis carried a great responsibility on his shoulders. The slightest nudge of the toilet in the wrong direction could send the ring down the soil pipe.  Travis’s only option was to remove the entire toilet, which seemed extreme, but it was justifiable under the circumstances.

Removing the toilet would not be easy in such a confined space, one wrong move and the ring would be lost forever.  This was not a simple job, removing a toilet without damaging it is hard enough under normal circumstances, but removing the toilet whilst keeping it relatively still takes a highly skilled engineer.  After a few tense moments Chris and Helen were delighted when the toilet was successfully removed exposing the engagement ring. 

A quick clean and the ring could be returned to Helen’s finger, where hopefully it will stay. Chris has definitely got some husband points in the bank, thanks to Travis, the Dyno-Rod engineer.  

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