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What's Lurking in Lincolnshire's Drains?

Drain Repairs

Our engineers, such as Jon Bloom, owner of Dyno-Rod in Lincoln, have stumbled across some pretty unusual objects causing blocked drains in Lincolnshire and around the country: “People sometimes think you can flush anything down a toilet but unfortunately that's not the case.” For him and his engineers, this means that “sometimes you get there and you have a bit of a chuckle to yourself and think ‘how on earth did that get down there?’

“When the cause is found people can be quite embarrassed, but you have a bit of laugh about it and forget it, have a bit of banter.”

Mr Bloom, a former Red Arrows engineer with the RAF, has encountered blockages caused by all sorts of foreign objects, from animals, to personal possessions and even snooker balls.

The team are always busy, and Mr Bloom and the other two members of his three-man team receive on average of 20 calls a day, as well as phone calls from thousands of homeowners and business each year.

Mr Bloom has noticed that the local environment contributes to the most unusual blockages, with dead animals such as hedgehogs often being the problem in blocked drains at properties in the countryside. In urban areas wallets and purses are often found to be the cause of blockages having been lost on the way home from the pub after a night out.

Other common problem items include soaps and fats from dish washers and washing machines, as well as strands of hair that lead to blocked showers.

Mr Bloom has also noticed a more unusual cause of problems in the home – the DIY plumber. Attempting to clear small blockages yourself is fine and regular maintenance and prevention can save time and money in the long-run, but, without the technical expertise or training that a plumber receives, you run the risk of simply adding to the problem, getting the rods or tools you’re using stuck alongside the original blockage. Mr Bloom has been called out to fix such problems on several occasions.