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Mad Men of the Sewers - History of DYNO's Advertising

Drains Underground

Glitz and glamour might not be the first things that come to mind when you think about clearing blocked drains, but the vintage men of the sewers were actually stylish and high-class business men. The Don Draper of the drain clearing world was one Jim Zockoll, the dynamic entrepreneur who founded Dyno-Rod. He saw a gap in the market and revolutionized UK drain services with ground-breaking electromechanical techniques.

In the 60s, Dyno-Rod staff teamed up with the high-flying advertising industry of the time to make this gem of an ad:

Before long, Dyno-Rod became the market leader in drain services and the first name on everyone’s lips when they needed to clear a blocked toilet or drain.

For a lot of home owners, understanding the complexities of the drain system is like trying to work out the London underground system, but Dyno-Rod’s cutting-edge technology and no nonsense, honest advice have helped develop our reputation as the experts to call when you needed help quickly and without fuss.

When you have a problem with your toilet or drains, it feels like a real emergency, and it can feel like you need a hero. It’s no wonder then that the men and women of our service team began to take on mythic status, as seen in the Dyno-Rod man that was developed from the 1960s to the 1980s:

Working together

In another stroke of genius, Jim Zockoll made Dyno-Rod a franchise business. That’s a fancy way of saying that people could start businesses under the Dyno-Rod umbrella, using our name and our state-of-the-art techniques. In fact, Dyno-Rod became the first non-fast-food franchise business in the UK. We also became a founder member of the British Franchise Association (BFA). 

Today, over 88 franchisees make up the Dyno-Rod team, meaning we can provide a full 24 hour response. This also ensures we provide full national coverage with the care of local expertise.

We make sure every franchise maintains our immaculate professional standards so we remain, as always, the ones to trust: