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Dyno’s West London Chinchilla Thriller

chinchilla, dyno, rescue
It’s rarely a quiet day for our hardworking Dyno heroes, but it’s not often we get a call to help rescue a rogue chinchilla. West London resident, Justine, sounded the alarm after her son Tom’s pet made a dash for freedom through a hole behind the toilet. Justine had used Dyno and their CCTV cameras before for some previous work on her home. Remembering how helpful they were in locating troublesome spots Justine gave Dyno a ring. Up stepped engineer, Jordan to search for and rescue the furry escapee. After extensive searches behind the toilet, microwave and dishwasher in the kitchen, all hope seemed lost. “I told Tom that Sooty must have escaped to the outside. I really thought it was over” said Justine. However Jordan, like all Dyno engineers, isn’t one to give up easily, and suggested one last check a little further into the kitchen wall. Lo and behold, Sooty was holed up behind the kitchen cabinets. And it didn’t finish there. It took a further 90 minutes of coaxing before owner Tom managed to grab hold of Sooty and the mission was complete. “I can’t say enough about Jordan; he was amazing” Justine says. “Tom’s about to start his GCSE’s and losing Sooty would have been devastating”. It might not be in the training manual, but we’re always ready for anything at Dyno.