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Dyno-Rod are asking householders to be extra vigilant following recent suspected bogus caller incidents

Dyno Engineer In Van

Fraudsters have been posing as drainage experts from Dyno-Rod targeting elderly residents in Kingston. Police are warning people to be on the lookout for three males claiming to be carrying out work at the back of residents' properties. 

The three suspects are white males in their thirties, and are believed to be driving a silver Mitsubishi Jeep.  Call Kingston police on 101 if you believe you or someone you know is a victim of fraud.

All our engineers at Dyno-Rod wear a navy blue uniform, carry an ID card and will be driving the easily recognisable, bright orange Dyno-Rod vans.  Also, it is very rare for them to call at someone’s house without an appointment.  The only time they would do this is if they were working in a neighbouring property and require access to the drainage system, and therefore would not be carrying out a job or asking for any payments of any kind from residents who do not made a pre-arranged appointment with Dyno-Rod. 

Following some simple rules could prevent most bogus caller crimes:

Are you expecting someone to call? The majority of our visits are pre-booked and our engineers call ahead of visiting a property. If you are not expecting a call then you should always be suspiciousDon’t open your door to strangers.  

Check first: look through a window or door-viewer to see who the caller is at your doorAlways put the chain on before opening the door

Always ask to see the caller’s ID and refuse entry if you are in doubt: bona fide callers will be happy to call back at another time if you request. If you are alone and uncomfortable for any reason, ask the caller to come back later when a friend or neighbour can be with you

Look for the distinctive Dyno uniform, and van: our uniforms are very distinctive and an engineer would always be attending jobs with our unique day-glo orange vans, which feature a freephone number you can call at any time

Dyno-Rod never ask for payment before work is carried out: any payment demanded prior to an invitation to carry out work on the customer’s property should be treated with suspicion

Payment: since the changes introduced by DEFRA in October 2011, in the domestic environment, there should not be any requests made for payment for works off the customer’s property. Any requests for payment relating to work off the property boundary will almost always be bogus

Water Authority: if any customer has any enquiries about the validity of drainage works they may contact their local water authority for advice.