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Dyno unleashes epic new uniform for their home-saving heroes

Dyno’s nationwide team of drains and plumbing experts are celebrating today as we trial a new uniform, allowing them to dress the part for the heroic work they carry out 365 days of the year.

The revamped outfit is a dramatic change from the previous get-up of the grey and our trademarked fluorescent orange top and trousers combo we’ve come to associate with Dyno engineers around the country.

The new all-in-one outfit allows our engineers a new level of agility when faced with issues that’d make other plumbers quake in their boots. The most notable new addition to the uniform is the full-length fluorescent orange cape. Not only easy on the eye, the cape is functional too, helping engineers shelter from the cold when working outside, protecting them from debris that flies from drain outbursts, as well as being a warming blanket for kittens they’ve rescued.

Each Dyno engineer will also be issued with a Harder Hat and night vision goggles, meaning their valiant work can be carried out faster and with more precision, no matter what time of day it is.

The engineers’ new Super-Belt has built on the previous tool belt model we all know, but now incorporates room for even more gadgets, meaning our intrepid engineers can power on in their quest to quash home-related hiccups.

Our heroic engineers will be donning their new threads today only, so keep a lookout for that unmistakable fluorescent orange cape flapping in the wind.