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Dyno-Rod to the dogs’ rescue

Dyno-Rod East Midlands engineer Danny Bilby posing in front of an orange Dyno-Rod van

Dyno-Rod East Midlands came to the rescue at East Midlands Dog Rescue. The dog rescue centre who are usually associated with being the rescuers found themselves in need of rescue. Timing couldn’t have been worse; the centre was opening to the public that morning to showcase their current dogs but the kennel’s water drains were blocked, resulting in dirty water spilling over the floor.

The future happiness of the already troubled dogs was in jeopardy. Without immediate emergency intervention the morning’s viewings may have been lost. Volunteers rallied around trying to help with makeshift rods, a gallant rescue attempted, but it soon became apparent that the professionals were needed.

After some simple searching on the internet a local Dyno-Rod engineer was found. East Midlands Dog Rescue were first time customers of Dyno-Rod, and they were impressed by the ease and efficiency of booking an engineer. The problem was explained along with the urgency, and Dyno-Rod was on the way.

Local Dyno-Rod engineer, Danny Bilby, arrived promptly and got to work straight away. He soon found the problem and as suspected, dog hair had caused the blockage. Dog hair combined with a build-up of sand, was a dangerous mix. Danny soon cleared all the blockages and provided advice on how to prevent future recurrences. His laid back and professional attitude put his customers at ease. The open day could go ahead and the dogs could have their day after all.

East Midlands Dog Rescue were so impressed with what they described as a ‘champion company’ that they shared their experience with all their followers on Facebook. Now more than 39,000 people know about the great service Dyno-Rod provides.

Sandra, the founder of the rescue centre, explained that these days where customers have such high expectations, it’s important to recognise companies that go above and beyond.

East Midlands Dog Rescue really appreciated the service Danny gave, emphasising his advice and customer service levels were excellent. Well done Danny Bilby.