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Recognised for winning hearts and mind with Dyno Dave

Dyno and social media agency Cubaka have picked up the award for ‘Best Professional Sector Social Media Strategy/Campaign’ at the Drum Content Awards, for their entertaining social media campaigns within the category ‘Winning time from a disengaged audience’.

Dyno are passionate about plumbing and drains but we’re not blind to that fact that not everyone shares our enthusiasm. We’re the biggest player in the lowest interest category on social media: plumbing and drains. We’re well aware that unless you have a plumbing and drains emergency we’re the last people you want to hear from. However, we also know all too well that when you do find yourself in a spot of bother with a burst pipe or blocked drain we’re on speed dial and you will welcome us graciously into your home, making us a sugary tea, thanking us endlessly as we work away on your U-bend.

The strategy behind the social media activity was simple, win the time (and hearts) of the nation, so that we’re front of mind when that home emergency does spring up. We knew that familiarity drives preference and in order to increase familiarity we needed to win time with the audience of UK home-owners.

With charming and timely social media content featuring over very own Dyno Dave we were able to do this. Some would even say he was second to Mario as the most loved plumber. The outcome? Winning 3,000 hours of time with 100% positivity...not bad for a bunch of boring old plumbers.

Georgie Cutten, Senior Digital Communications Manager, Centrica, said, “Cubaka brought intelligence and humour to meet a tough challenge. We were delighted with the results which won us precious time and meaningful engagement with an otherwise unengaged audience.”