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Drain Cleaning: What Services Should I Expect?

There are several ways to clean drains and you don’t need to wait until you’ve got a serious blockage to use them. Drain Jetting Drain jetting is a process that uses high pressure water in order to force out undesirable substances from your drains. The results of this type of cleaning are usually really good. It can also prolong the integrity and quality of your pipes, as the water flushes out all of the grime and dirt rather than just removing a single blockage. Regular drain jetting will help to reduce the number of blockages that you will have to deal with in future. Electro-Mechanical Cleaning Tree roots can often cause major problems for drainage systems by embedding themselves in and around pipe work. The only way to effectively remove them is to cut them. Electro-magnetic drain cleaning is a process that involves the insertion of a drainage rod with a rotating blade. The blade is designed to make sure that it doesn’t damage the pipes, but it will cut through or loosen any obstructions, which means that in a matter of minutes you can clear out and remove stubborn plant roots and foliage which will continue to damage your pipes if left untreated. Tanker Cleaning As well as providing domestic drain cleaning services for small-scale projects, many drain cleaning specialists are also aware that large sewage systems are also in need of regular cleansing. As a result, some have a fleet of tankers that are able to do something similar to jet cleaning but on a much larger scale. The tankers can fire up to fifty gallons of water per minute to clear obstructions and dirt of any size. The tankers run off an independent water supply, so you don’t need to worry about being landed with a huge water bill either.