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Dad goals: how one Dyno engineer balances three very different jobs

There are millions of father’s out there, and many of them who balance their time between their job and being a dad. When you’re dashing home from the office as fast as you can to catch the kids before the bedtime story, there’s no doubt about it: dads make massive sacrifices to spend time with their children. We’re big fans of heart-warming stories, so we thought we’d share one of our favourite tales about being a dad, a Dyno engineer…and a football coach. Not content with juggling the busy day-to-day of being a Dyno engineer, football fan Anth decided to take on the role of manager for his son Louie’s team, Leam Rangers under 7s. Football coaching isn’t just a hobby for Anth, it’s in his blood. He played throughout his teenage years and his other son plays professionally for Newcastle United’s academy. When asked why he chose to give his precious Saturday mornings to training up a team of budding footballers he said: “Training weekly with him is incredible - more than any dad could ever wish for. The bond that myself and Louie have is more than a father/son bond – we’re more like friends.” Based in the north east of England, the team of 14 train every single Saturday – and their commitment to the beautiful game can certainly be seen in the team’s rankings. The team takes part in three tournaments during the season and they’ve won every single one of them this year – all that training definitely paid off! Not one to just keep it with the family, Anth approached his manager at Dyno, Cliff, to see if the franchise would be up for sponsoring Louie’s team. Cliff agreed straight away, but under one proviso: that the team swap their usual yellow strip for a bright Dyno orange. Anth of course, agreed. Well there you have it – a father who’s got that balance between being a dad, being a friend and working hard just right. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads celebrating!