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CAT-astrophe in Hertfordshire

Dyno Engineer Holding A Cat

Dyno prevents a CAT-astrophe in Hertfordshire 

We all know about things that go bump in the night – but have you ever encountered an unexpected meowing coming from your wall cavities?

That’s exactly what one distressed Dyno customer experienced when their 9-week-old kitten, George, made a bolt from the blue, scrambled under their sink and became trapped inside a wall in their garage.

Curious George had only been brought home for the first time the previous day, so when his owner failed to rescue him, she made a call to a cat protection charity. They instructed her to contact her local Dyno franchise knowing they’d be able to help.

After a quick call, Tony Odell from Dyno’s AMG Southern Services franchise came to the rescue. He’d previously been on a mission to rescue another cat, successfully retrieving it from beneath some floorboards, so Dyno knew he’d be the purr-fect ma n for the job.

After making sure the kitten wasn’t hurt or in any pain, Tony made multiple attempts to lure George out from the corner of the cavity with various distractions, such as toys and food.

Sensing that he needed to do something bold to get George to budge, Tony bumped the roof of the garage with a broom several times, causing him to emerge from his corner.

It wasn’t over just yet though. After four hours, Tony managed to prise young George out from the roof and placed him into the arms of his owners who were relieved and delighted to get him back.

Cat-astrophe averted, thanks to Dyno.