What does a gas safety check include?

When you book a gas safety check, a gas engineer visits your home to check that all appliances like boilers, cookers and gas fires are working safely. This should reduce the risk of poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide entering your home. It really can be a life or death situation, so it’s important to do.

Who does the inspection?

Only Gas Safe registered engineers are legally allowed to perform gas safety inspections. And for good reason – you need to be sure that your engineer knows what they’re doing when it comes to gas safety.

Concerned about cost?

If you’ve got elderly people or very young children living in your home, chances are that you’ll be entitled to a free gas safety check.

What’s involved?

Once they’ve arrived, your gas engineer will check that:

  • All appliances are working at the correct pressure 
  • All appliances' air supply and gas-burning action is healthy
  • Any flues and chimneys are clear and can let fumes escape
  • All safety devices on appliances are working correctly