How to cure condensation in the home

If you’re looking for a permanent solution to stop condensation in your home, then investing in some insulation and ventilation would be the most likely cure.

But there are a few short-term fixes you can try too.  

1. Washing machines

Make sure washing machines and tumble dryers are properly ventilated, because they produce lots of condensation.

2. Drying clothes

Try to dry clothes outdoors, or keep them in a bathroom with the windows open, until the clothes are fully dry.

3. Close the door

Keep the door closed when cooking, boiling the kettle, or taking a shower.

4. Cooking

To reduce moisture being created as water boils use lids on pans when cooking.

5. Extractor fans

Use extractor fans when boiling water or taking showers.

6. Position plants carefully

Place house plants close to windows to ventilate, otherwise they can cause condensation which lingers in the house.

7. Wardrobes

Make sure that wardrobes and cupboards are not overfilled. This can cause mould when condensation is present, as air cannot circulate inside.

8. Precautions

Double glazing, loft insulation and draft proofing will all raise the temperature of the house. This means surfaces are not as cold and are less likely to create condensation when in contact with warm air.

9. Windows

Open windows regularly to improve ventilation.