How to clean a shower head and remove limescale

Everyone loves a nice shower. But to keep things flowing freely and enjoy the best water pressure, it’s important to clean your shower head from time to time – especially if you live in an area with hard water. Otherwise, limescale and other mineral deposits can clog up the tiny holes and cause your shower head to spray unevenly. Don’t worry, it’s easy to do.

1. Disconnect the shower head

First, unscrew the shower head from the shower hose. Make sure you keep the washer between the hose and the shower head somewhere safe, as it can be easy to lose it.

If your shower head can’t be removed – fear not! Just take a look at point 5 below.

2. Rinse the shower head

Thoroughly rinse the shower head under a running tap to remove any muck and gunk that has collected inside it.

3. Clean the shower head

Using a toothbrush and some white vinegar, scrub the shower head to dissolve any remaining limescale deposits.

Still got some stubborn clumps of gunk? Try a toothpick or a pin to poke them out. Then rinse again. Or, try soaking the shower head in a bowl of vinegar for a couple of hours, rinsing and refitting.

4. Reassemble the shower head

Just screw it all back together again. Remember to put back the washer between the hose and the shower head.

5. Cleaning a non-removable shower head

Start by slipping a rubber band over the top of the shower head. You might need to loop it round a couple of times so it’s pretty tight.

Then fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and attach it to the shower head by slipping the top of the bag under the rubber band. After an hour or so, take the bag off and turn on the water to flush it all clean.

Rinse thoroughly by running water through the shower for a few minutes before using it.