Can you afford to risk water damage at home?

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Find out how to cut the risk of internal flooding and water damage in your home with a Surestop Remote Stopcock installation from Dyno Plumbing.

If you’ve ever had to deal with a burst pipe or a severe leak at home, you’ll know just how devastating water damage is. This includes longterm damage to your floors, walls and even your home’s structural stability, potentially costing thousands of pounds to fix.  

To reduce the risk, most homes have a brass stopcock that, when twisted, cuts off the water supply in an emergency. However, these can be difficult to find and, in some cases, hard to use, due to a build-up of limescale causing them to seize up. 

Thankfully there’s a modern solution to this age-old problem – the Surestop Remote Stopcock from Dyno Plumbing. 

What is the Surestop Remote Stopcock?  

Surestop Remote Stopcocks are a modern alternative to the older style brass stopcocks that are found in most homes. They allow anyone to switch off their water supply with a flick of a switch. No more struggling to find or operate an old, potentially seized up stopcock when it’s needed in an emergency. 

How does the Surestop Remote Stopcock work?  

The Surestop Remote Stopcock replacement works using different water pressures to control the flow of the water. There’s no need for electricity or batteries, which is great news for your electricity bill.  

Another major bonus is that your Surestop Remote Stopcock is unaffected by limescale, which means it will never seize up or degrade over time like your old traditional stopcock would.  

How do you use the Surestop Remote Stopcock?  

Whenever you need to switch off your water supply, just press the blue button into the “off” position. Instantly, this will cut off the water supply until you’re ready to restore it by flicking the switch back “on”.  

You can also place your Surestop Remote Stopcock switch up to six metres away from your pipework in a more accessible place, such as the wall or a work surface. This is particularly convenient if your old stopcock is in a hard to reach place or if you struggle with mobility.  

It also gives you a practical way to switch off your water supply as part of your everyday routine, such as leaving for work, or before going on holiday. Putting these steps into practice effectively removes the risk of internal flooding in your home while you’re away.  

Is a Surestop Remote Stopcock difficult to install?  

Your Surestop Remote Stopcock is easily fitted by a friendly and qualified Dyno Plumbing installer. Using a professional installer from Dyno Plumbing is strongly recommended, as the stopcock installation requires a small section of your main water pipe to be cut away to fit the Surestop Remote Stopcock.  

The remote stopcock switch can then be attached to a wall or surface using screws, or if you prefer, using the integrated sticky pad – a handy option if attaching the switch to a tiled surface (minimising any cracking of the tiles). 

Want to find out more or arrange a Surestop Remote Stopcock installation?  

If you’re still considering whether the Surestop Remote Stopcock is right for you, it’s worth bearing in mind that last year alone one of the most common household insurance claims was for water damage caused by a burst pipe, with claims ranging from £7000 to as much as £25,000.  


So if you’d like to reduce the risk of water damage in your home, contact Dyno to join the many others that are already benefiting from a Surestop Remote Stopcock. 

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