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Flooding and out-of-control leaks are extremely destructive to your business, causing potentially thousands of pounds worth of damage to stock and/or equipment. Water also has the potential to become life threatening when electricity or subsidence of your property is involved.
Fortunately, Dyno-Rod engineers are available to help with any number of flood issues 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, the best possible way to deal with a flood in a commercial property is prevention.
We can help you do this in a number of ways thanks to:

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About Dyno-Rod

Dyno-Rod has been helping businesses for over 50 years. Our trained engineers have a wealth of experience in dealing with flood prevention for companies of all types and sizes. This means that you can be confident you’re hiring someone that will get the work completed quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to your business

How to prevent flooding

It’s possible to dramatically reduce the risk of your business flooding by following a few simple steps.
  • Start by wrapping insulation around any pipes exposed to the elements. This will help to prevent them from freezing and bursting due to the water expanding as it turns into ice.
  • Make sure your gutters and drains are clear of any debris so they can drain correctly. Potential warning signs include bad smells, slow draining water and frequent gurgling sounds.
  • Consider investing in a commercial leak detection survey. Our leak detection experts use highly specialised equipment to detect leaks in your premises before they become bigger problems.
To hire a professional Dyno-Rod engineer today, book a free appointment with our simple online form
To find out more, please give out customer care team a call on 0333 242 2198* or if you prefer, you can explore our range of services in more detail below.

Anti-flood valves

Even if you do take excellent care of your drains, a heavy downpour of rain has the potential to back up the sewer and cause flooding within your property. Fortunately, anti-flood valves offer a simple but effective way to control this flow of water from your drains.
Under normal conditions the valve remains open, allowing wastewater to flow freely into the drain. However, when the direction of the water flow reverses and reaches a certain level, the anti-flood valve will close. This prevents unwanted water from travelling further up into the drainage system. Then, once the water pressure returns to normal, the anti-flood valve will reopen, allowing water to flow normally again.
If you’re interested in having an anti-flood valve installed, book online or give our customer care team a call 24/7 on 0333 242 2198* Call charges may apply. Calls may be recorded. Our lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We’ll arrange for an engineer to fit your anti-flood valve at a time that suits you and your business. This can be done very quickly using your existing pipework with minimal disruption.

Drain early warning systems (DEWS)

The level of water in your drains and tanks probably isn’t something you lose sleep over, but if the water level gets too low or high it can have nasty consequences.
For example, rapidly rising water levels in your drain or water tanks is a strong sign that you’re about to suffer from a flood.
Our drain early warning system can detect the first signs of issues occurring before they become a problem. This is thanks to advanced sensors that can be installed in a variety of locations including:
  • Drains
  • Water tanks
  • Oil tanks
  • Septic tanks
  • Ponds
Each sensor has a five-year battery life and can be monitored remotely using your mobile phone. Or if you prefer, the sensors can send you alerts via SMS on multiple devices, or via a call centre. So you can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your business is safe from water-related issues.

Blocked drain prevention

A blocked drain isn’t ideal at the best of times, but if your business depends on optimal drainage then it could be your profits that end up down the drain if you run into problems.
Restaurants and takeaways are particularly vulnerable to blocked drains, with multiple staff members washing large numbers of dishes and utensils over an extended period. This can lead to a rapid accumulation of grease and food scraps in the drain, eventually resulting in blockages.
You can take practical steps to prevent this, such as installing commercial sink strainers and grease traps. You should also make sure that your staff are collecting fats in containers and scraping plates thoroughly before they end up in the sink.
Whatever your business type, you should always be mindful of the condition of your drains. If you notice any of the early warning signs such as bad odours, gurgling sounds and slow drainage, then you should book online or give Dyno-Rod a call on 0333 242 2198*
We can then arrange for a CCTV drain survey to investigate any issues and put them right for you before they get worse. We also offer ongoing monitoring services to make sure that your drains are kept clear and in good condition at all times.

Commercial pest control

Pests such as rats, mice and flies present a health and safety risk to your business, staff and customers. Rats are also capable of chewing through plastic pipework, resulting in leaks and potential flooding. So preventing pests from becoming a problem in the first place is a top priority.
The easiest form of pest prevention starts at home. Make sure you clean your business premises regularly to remove wasted food and strong odours that attract pests. This is particularly important for food businesses such as restaurants, where infestations can take hold quicker than you think.
It’s also important to make sure drains are cleaned regularly to prevent blockages that may cause wastewater to back up in your drainage system. This includes getting drains deep cleaned to prevent a buildup of debris and organic residue that attracts rodents and flies.
Dyno-Rod can arrange for your drains to be cleaned using our high-pressure water jetting systems (known as HPWJs). This highly specialised technology is capable of cutting through blockages with ease and deep cleans your entire drainage system.

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You can never predict when an issue with your drains is going to crop up, but at least you can depend on a Dyno-Rod engineer to put things right when it does.

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