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Just because you live by the sea doesn’t mean you want to be swimming in water, especially if the water is due to a blocked drain that’s bringing all sorts of nasties to the surface! Luckily, Dyno-Rod Portsmouth is on hand to help you deal with a stressful situation, and will ensure a solution is found as soon as possible. A quick call to the Dyno-Rod experts and you will receive a free, no obligation quote based on your requirements. You will also benefit from a capped price structure so that you don’t have to worry about spiralling costs. This service is available 24/7, 365 days a year, giving you the peace of mind that even badly timed drain issues can be fixed, without a wait. Dealing with blocked drains at work or home can be a nightmare, especially if the issue causes unwanted smells and a backup of waste. Our fully qualified engineers can be with you in no time, and will apply their in-depth knowledge and training to any job, big or small, so that your drains will flow freely once again.

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Years of Experience

The Dyno-Rod Drains Hampshire team prides itself on providing a faultless service each and every time. With years of experience in the local area, Dyno-Rod Hampshire has developed a thriving team of engineers who have a dedication to service and new technology; ensuring customers have the best experience possible. With equipment available to tackle issues such as unblocking, servicing, maintenance and repairs – as well as more specialist scenarios including mapping, path lining and excavation – you can guarantee that our local Dyno engineers will have the job sorted in no time. Give your local Dyno-Rod team a call and get those drains cleared today.