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Having maintained and unblocked the drains of the UK and Ireland for over 50 years, Dyno-Rod Drains Services is the company to call for all your drainage needs. Whether you have drainage problems at home or at your commercial premises, Dyno-Rod has the equipment and expertise to solve the issue, fast. There isn't a blockage or drainage problem that this large team of specialists hasn't seen and solved. Drains can become blocked for all manner of reasons; from fats, oils and grease in the kitchen, to paper and waste in your toilet at home or at work. Thankfully Dyno-Rod has the technology to address any type of blockage, and can even help stop them from occurring again with a number of preventative measures. With over 90,000 unblocked drains a year around the UK and Ireland, there really isn't a job this network of engineers can't handle. No call out fees, a clear pricing structure and local drainage engineers set Dyno-Rod apart from its competitors, so for blocked drains in Manchester, make Dyno-Rod your first call.

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Fully Guaranteed

Your local team of Dyno-Rod experts has a number of specialities including drain unblocking and cleaning, CCTV surveys, drain mapping, root cutting, preventative maintenance and drain lining, as well as excavation and repair. All work they undertake is fully guaranteed and carried out to the highest standards. If you find yourself with blocked drains in Manchester or the surrounding areas, don't hesitate to contact Dyno-Rod for a quick and efficient service, ensuring your drains are back in working order in no time.