Dyno-Rod draining and plumbing news

Dyno’s nationwide team of drains and plumbing experts are celebrating today as we trial a new uniform, allowing them to dress the part for the heroic work they carry out 365 days of the year.

The revamped outfit is a dramatic change from the previous get-up of the grey and our trademarked fluorescent orange top and trousers combo we’ve come to associate with Dyno engineers around the country.

Dyno Engineer Rescues Rings

A wedding ring worn by a 97-year-old Towcester granny went missing after more than 75 years on her finger.

Dyno Engineer Holding A Cat

We all know about things that go bump in the night – but have you ever encountered an unexpected meowing coming from your wall cavities?

Dyno Engineers

Following on from the unfortunate event that happened in September, Dyno franchise Roger Little North West 'Ltd', based in Stockport, 'started restoration on the Dogs' home.

Albert Wingfield joined Dyno Franchise Investments (Durham) Ltd early this year, to begin his plumbing journey.

Dyno Engineer Holding A Cat

Daisy’s owner who was based in Lancashire, was having work done in her kitchen, Daisy had somehow managed to worm her way under the floorboards.

mischievous hamster

At the Dyno Sheffield office, Nimrod Services Ltd, a panicked customer, James Hammond, called in asking Dyno to help him locate his mischievous hamster, Rolo.