It's not unusual to flush something unexpected down the drain - many blocked drains have been caused by objects accidentally finding their way into the drainage system. However, it's not every day that a puppy is found in the waste pipes. Choose one of the engineers below who will take you through their unique Strange Drains experience - from using CCTV equipment to find a week-old puppy to saving a kitten from the walls of her new home.

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Name Will

Location Harrow

Response CCTV Drain Survey

Will Craig and the puppy rescue

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Name Paul

Location Newcastle

Response Emergency Call

Paul Conway and the kitten rescue

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Name Darren

Location Bradford

Response 24hr Drain Repair

Darren Hatfield and the hamster rescue

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Puppy Puppy Puppy

Will & the puppy rescue

Will Craig, from Harrow, was able to save a week-old puppy after he was accidentally flushed down the toilet by four year-old Daniel who was giving him a quick wash.

The poor puppy was trapped in a pipe for four hours after firefighters and the RSPCA couldn't free him. Luckily Will from Dyno was available to help and, using a mixture of his expertise and specialist equipment he safely rescued the pup.

With cheers from onlookers, Will became an instant hero with his miraculous rescue. The puppy's family were so pleased to see him safe and sound, they even named him Dyno!

Open the drain to see how Will brought him to safety!

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Responding to an emergency call-out Will arrived thinking it may have been a joke! But, armed with specialist camera equipment, Will soon realised the issue was a serious one. The CCTV camera allowed Will to discover the puppy's exact location in the pipe - the first step in the rescue!

Having found the puppy in the pipe, the next challenge was to try and figure out how to get him out. Will had a great idea to gently nudge the puppy with the end of the CCTV camera, to get him to the next manhole cover where a fireman was waiting to bring him back to safety. Take a look at the reunion moment in our video »

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The drain survey camera

No-one knows what problems could be lurking underground in their drains and pipes. If you’ve had to fix or unblock a previous fault, it may be that the underlying cause has not been resolved.

Over time, drains and sewers can be damaged from ground movement, pressure and even tree roots breaking through and blocking them. Dyno-Rod can carry out a complete drains inspection by passing a CCTV camera through the system to help uncover any hidden problems.

The result is that we’ll be able to see clearly what condition even the most inaccessible pipes and drains are in and identify any problems. This is exactly how Will was able to rescue the puppy!

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Kitten Kitten

Paul & the kitten rescue

Paul Conway, of Runitem Ltd franchise, saved a kitten that had been trapped for 8 hours behind the walls of its new owner's flat after squeezing through a gap in a bath panel.

A neighbour was the first to alert the owner of the kitten's whereabouts after he heard scratching noises coming from his bathroom ceiling. The fire brigade tried for 90 minutes to find the kitten, but after no luck an officer had a brainwave and called Dyno where engineer Paul was ready and waiting to respond to the home emergency.

This may have been a strange day on the job for Paul, but undeterred he was able to carry out a full inspection, bringing the 6-week old kitten back to the arms of its owner.

Look under the bath to continue Paul's strange story.

Look in Hole
A See-snake camera was used, which the kitten grabbed onto, allowing me to pull him to safety.

Arriving at the scene, Paul was able to use a CCTV camera to work out exactly where the kitten was stuck. And it wasn't on the same floor as originally thought! The poor kitten has slipped to the level below and, distressed, was in need of urgent rescuing.

Paul managed to pick the cat up by its fur, bringing it to safety and in to the relieved arms of its owner. Pleased to have the tiny kitten rescued, the owner, Ms. Riley, asked Paul to name it and he chose Minx!

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Hamster Hamster in the drain pipe image 1

Darren & the hamster rescue

Darren Hatfield, of Nimrod Services Ltd, managed to locate and rescue Rolo the Hamster. The cheeky critter had opened her cage and made her way down the kitchen sink.

Rolo's owner James panicked when he noticed his hamster missing but after hearing scratching around the kitchen sink, he was able to deduce where his beloved pet had got to. Lifting the skirting board he noticed a small hole - a sure sign of Rolo's mischievous escape.

James immediately thought of Dyno and after an emergency call, Darren was able to respond. The hard bit, however, was enticing Rolo out of the drainage pipe to safety.

Click Find Rolo to see how Darren did this.

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Hamster in the drain pipe image 2

An integral part of Rolo's rescue was Darren's underground CCTV equipment. Using this, Darren was able to find out that Rolo had climbed 3 metres down the kitchen sink!

Tuning his mind to that of a hamster in distress, Darren then hung food on a piece of string - tempting Rolo in the sink pipe. Darren was able to return Rolo to a relieved owner, safe and sound. Not just another day at the office for this hero engineer!

Take a look at some of the other strange stories in the video

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