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How to fix a dripping tap

The sound of a leaky tap going drip-drip day and night is enough to drive the most even-tempered people round the bend. But with a bit of know-how, it’s fairly easy to fix your taps and stop the dripping for good. Here’s what you need to do, step by step.


1. Work out what type of tap you’ve got

There are two types of taps: ceramic disc ones or rubber washer ones. You can find out which type they are by turning one of them. If it only rotates a quarter or a half turn, then it’s probably a ceramic disc tap. Otherwise it’ll likely be a rubber washer type.

2. Get replacement parts

Ceramic disc taps will need the whole valve replacing, whereas rubber wash taps just need the small washer replaced. Get hold of these items from your local plumbing retailer and continue once you have them ready to fit.

3. Switch off the taps water supply

This is a very important step! Just work out where the isolation valves are and turn them horizontally, so the slot is across the upwards pipe. 

4. Remove the tap head

Unscrew the handle screw to release the handle (you might have to flip open the cap first).

5. Repair your taps

For ceramic disc taps:

Remove the valve cover or shroud to expose the ceramic valve. Use an adjustable spanner to unscrew the valve, then remove it and replace with the new one. Now reassemble the tap and job done. 

For rubber washer taps:

Remove the valve cover or shroud to expose the tap valve. Use an adjustable spanner to unscrew the valve, and then remove it. Unscrew the rubber washer from the valve, replace it with the new one, and then reassemble.

If these tips don’t quite do the job, you might want to get a Dyno plumber.

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