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Reasons your toilet won't flush

All sorts of things can go wrong around the house. But when your toilet won't flush, you really can't afford to leave it unfixed for long. Luckily, it's usually fairly easy to diagnose the problem. Follow this simple checklist to find the source of the trouble – hopefully, before you need to use the facilities.

1. Try the handle

If there's a problem with the handle or the button, it should be obvious just from trying it out. If nothing happens when you pull the handle or push the button, or if either of them feels limp, you've probably just found out why your toilet won't flush.

2. Take a look inside

If the handle or button doesn't seem to be the problem, you'll have to look a little deeper. If you’re not able to access your cistern you may have to call a professional but if you can, carefully remove the lid of the cistern. Remember to unscrew the button first, if that's the kind of toilet you have.

3. Check the internal parts

With the lid safely off, have a look at the parts inside the cistern, checking for any obvious signs of damage or wear and tear.

4. Make sure there's water inside

If the parts inside look like they should be working, but there's no water in the system, there could be a problem with the water supply to the toilet, and that's probably why your toilet won't flush. Whatever the cause of the problem, your best is usually to get in touch with someone who knows how to fix a toilet flush. If you're unsure, or you just need some advice, our engineers are always happy to come and take a look.

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