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Heating services & prices

We provide a genuine 24 hour service, 365 days a year across the Thames Valley region, including Oxford and Reading. Our local heating engineers offer expert service when it comes to central heating, radiator and boiler repairs, servicing and installations. We always put the needs of our customers first.

Boiler repair

Does your boiler need fixing? We’ll sort it out in no time. All our engineers carry state of the art diagnostic equipment to help find and repair faults fast.

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Prices from 65

Boiler servicing

Whether you’re dealing with a cold shower or your heating is on the blink, our professional heating engineers are available 24/7 service your boiler and get things back on track.

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Prices from 70

Central heating upgrades

Upgrading your central heating can lead to lower energy bills and a more comfortable home. DYNO Heating Thames Valley has all the skills and expertise to carry out a range of heating upgrades.

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Prices from 150

Boiler installations

Looking to install a new boiler in your home? Our GasSafe engineers will help replace or install a wide range of quality boilers.

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Prices from 750

Central heating repairs

If you’re experiencing central heating problems, our GasSafe engineers will help find a quick fix so you can enjoy increased heating performance and lower energy bills.

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Prices from 65

Dyno Heating Thames Valley accreditations

  • Local Heroes connects you with qualified local tradespeople – so you can always be sure you’ll be getting a great service.
  • Checkatrade only work with the best local tradespeople – which is why we’re so thrilled to be accredited members.

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About us

Over the years, DYNO has helped the people of the Thames Valley with all of their heating needs.

DYNO Heating Thames Valley operates 24/7, 365 days a year providing high quality heating services across the Oxford area, including Abingdon, Aylesbury, Bicester, Didcot, Reading, Newbury, Basingstoke and Slough.

Our highly trained GasSafe Engineers are local to you, and we pride ourselves on expert knowledge and excellent standards of customer service.

We cover all aspects of domestic heating, including central heating, radiator and boiler repairs, servicing and installations.

What’s more is that we offer these services on all kinds of boilers, which includes full fault finding, installation, part replacement, strip down service where required and flue gas analyser checks to ensure that your boiler is both efficient and safe.

Our engineers work around the clock and are situated all over the Thames Valley region, so you’re guaranteed a truly local service.

No matter the size of the job – we’ll get it sorted.


Unit 10B Industrial Estate, Radley Road, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 3RY


01235 887363


Like to join our team? Contact us to ask about job vacancies.

Our team

Our success lies in our ability to assemble the right team. They are talented and committed individuals who love helping people across the Thames Valley region with all their gas problems.

David Smith

Franchise Owner


Experience: David has been a DYNO franchisor for over 30 years. He operated as a drainage engineer before the company expanded and more staff were employed.  

Best thing about working for DYNO Heating Thames Valley: I love working for DYNO Heating Thames Valley because I was born and bred in Oxford and it is the most beautiful city in the world. It has lovely architecture and history. 

Favourite work story: Working in a large superstore on a job, a large water pipe above a pick n’ mix failed  – covering the entire display! 

Best thing about Thames Valley: I love the Thames Valley, and driving around day after day allows me to see the beautiful sites as well as meet some very interesting people.

Alan Pocock

Heating Manager


Experience: After 24 years of working for British Gas and then another 10 working for his own business, Alan joined the DYNO team, heading up the technical department.

Best thing about working for DYNO Heating Thames Valley: I love working for DYNO because we have a fantastic group of engineers here. Everybody works together as a team.

Favourite work story: I was called out to help fix a noisy radiator only to discover the noise was a wasp nest inside the wall!

Best thing about Thames Valley: I enjoy working in Oxford and the Thames Valley area because of the people and beautiful scenery.

Steve Ponting

Heating Engineer


Experience: Steve was trained as a plumber and then furthered his training, qualifying as a heating engineer.

Best thing about working for DYNO Heating Thames Valley: There is always the chance to progress – I have been given the opportunity to move from functioning purely as a plumber to operating as a gas engineer. 

Favourite work story: I’ve found plenty of huge spiders hidden in the boxing behind toilets.

Best thing about Thames Valley: I have lived in Australia and could not wait to get back to Britain. If you have ever lived abroad, it makes you realise how fantastic Oxford and England is. 

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Area covered

DYNO Heating Thames Valley offers a 24 hour heating service to the whole of the area including: Oxford, Abingdon, Aylesbury, Bicester, Didcot, Slough, Maidenhead, Reading, Basingstoke, Henley on Thames, Newbury, High Wycombe

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  1. Abingdon
  2. Aylesbury
  3. Basingstoke
  4. Bicester
  5. Didcot
  6. Henley on Thames
  7. High Wycombe
  8. Maidenhead
  9. Newbury
  10. Oxford
  11. Reading
  12. Slough


  1. GU1
  2. GU14
  3. GU15
  4. GU17
  5. GU18
  6. GU19
  7. GU20
  8. GU25
  9. GU46
  10. GU47
  11. GU51
  12. GU52
  13. HP10
  14. HP11
  15. HP12
  16. HP14
  17. HP17
  18. HP18
  19. HP19
  20. HP20
  21. HP21
  22. HP22
  23. HP27
  24. MK18
  25. NN13
  26. OX1
  27. OX2
  28. OX3
  29. OX4
  30. OX5
  31. OX7
  32. OX9
  33. OX10
  34. OX11
  35. OX12
  36. OX13
  37. OX14
  38. OX15
  39. OX16
  40. OX17
  41. OX18
  42. OX20
  43. OX25
  44. OX26
  45. OX27
  46. OX28
  47. OX29
  48. OX33
  49. OX39
  50. OX44
  51. OX49
  52. RG1
  53. RG2
  54. RG4
  55. RG5
  56. RG6
  57. RG7
  58. RG8
  59. RG9
  60. RG10
  61. RG12
  62. RG14
  63. RG17
  64. RG18
  65. RG19
  66. RG20
  67. RG21
  68. RG22
  69. RG23
  70. RG24
  71. RG25
  72. RG26
  73. RG27
  74. RG28
  75. RG29
  76. RG30
  77. RG31
  78. RG40
  79. RG41
  80. RG42
  81. RG45
  82. SL0
  83. SL1
  84. SL2
  85. SL3
  86. SL4
  87. SL5
  88. SL6
  89. SL7
  90. SL8

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